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La Chocolatera Piano Sheet Music - Download and Print Online

The Beatles taped the basic track for "Savoy Truffle" at Trident Studios in London on 3 October 1968,[61] the day after Harrison had recorded his and Clapton's song "Badge" for Cream's forthcoming album.[62] In his NME interview the previous month, Harrison expressed satisfaction with his increased guitar contributions to the Beatles' recent recording sessions; he also said that their album would be a return to the "funky" rock approach that had characterised their pre-fame performances at Liverpool's Cavern club and in Hamburg.[23][nb 7] With Lennon absent between 3 and 7 October,[64] the line-up on the rhythm track was Harrison on electric guitar, McCartney on bass, and Ringo Starr on drums.[61] Overdubs took place on 5 October, again at Trident, and then on 11 and 14 October, at EMI Studios (now Abbey Road Studios).[65] Chris Thomas, as assistant to the Beatles' producer, George Martin, played electric piano on the song.[66]

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The melody that Sarah plays on her keytar in episode 4 is the same as the one she's playing in episode 2, during the moment that she and Kirsten first meet. It's pulled from Lizst's "La Campanella," an étude that's considered to be one of the most difficult works written for piano, and is the same work Sarah references playing on the CD that the man from the Museum of Civilization brings her in the same episode.

When Jeevan begins to venture out of Frank's apartment in episode 7, he finds a grand piano. On it, there's a score of "La Campanella." This score, however, has the words "it's impossible" written on it.

We had a wonderful time at IL Giardino. We didn't have a reservation, but they were able to quickly squeeze us in, and we had the great fortune to be seated near their entertainer who played the piano, violin and sang. He was a joy to listen to and had a great was of arranging the songs that made them very poignant. Our food was delicious and plentiful and our server Samantha was very attentive and friendly. We all enjoyed our meal and the experience and would definitely return on a future trip.

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