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Archipp Konovalov
Archipp Konovalov

Bob.Moses.-.All.In.All..2015.Album..[EDM.RG].Homerus a: oh, i dont know what thats like im not sure it applies to me. im not sure. im not sure of anything. and most importantly, im not sure, because the only way i could ever know, is if you tell me.



a: im happy with what im doing. what im doing is like im doing what a lot of people are doing. im just happy with the way i look. im just happy im a positive role model, if thats what youre trying to say. i just dont know what i would do. its funny, in the music industry i have the largest following on twitter. im constantly answering what i should be doing, what i should say, what i should wear and what i should do. and now people are watching me. its crazy. im like what is she doing right now? everyone just wants to know. i was eating breakfast and a bunch of fans are sending me pictures of themselves: whats going on? its so weird. im very comfortable and im happy.

a: no, of course. thats not even why you call me. no, not even close. im just very friendly and i like to help a lot of people. thats my thing. im just very focused on my music, which is my passion. and thats what i want to be known for is not the music industry, its dance like this and sing like this. i just really want to be known for the music and the dancers. even if i try to be known for something else, im always known for the music. im very grateful for the music and if that were to disappear tomorrow, id still be fine. id be fine with what im known for.

a: yeah, i know what you mean. at the end of the day, im not a singer. im not a dancer. im a songwriter, a producer and an artist. i dont really like to be considered a musician. oh, shes a musician. im not really a musician.

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