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Dolly The Seeker We Used To Rar \/\/FREE\\\\

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's How I Go not only serves as a strong reminder of the chops that caused Guitar World to place him right behind B.B. King and Eric Clapton on their list of blues guitarists, but it's the strongest indication yet of his gifted songwriting talent. The album pairs Kenny's deeply soulful and impassioned takes on classic material like Bessie Smith's "Blackwater Blues," Albert King's "Oh, Pretty Woman" and The Beatles "Yer Blues" alongside the strongest writing and co-writing of his career thus far. The hard-rocking, blues-based, guitar-driven album sounds young, it sounds fresh. Yet it has that distinctive energy and vibe drawn from the deep heritage of the genre. Kenny Wayne Shepherd is growing as a songwriter, musician and producer. Which isn't to say he's not proud of his past. "I don't have any regrets, other than maybe a couple of outfits that I wore on stage," he laughs. Last year's Live in Chicago! captured epic performances from Kenny and an assemblage of living legends in the blues world. Kenny's incredible presence and perpetually giving performances, designed to get every person in the room on their feet and to leave them smiling, are all of the evidence one needs to determine that he'll continue to do this for decades to come - just like his heroes. TRACKS: 01. Never Lookin' Back 02. Come On Over 03. Yer Blues 04. Show Me The Way Back Home 05. Cold 06. Oh, Pretty Woman 07. Anywhere The Wind Blows 08. Dark Side Of Love 09. Heat Of The Sun 10. Round And Round (Bonus Track) 11. The Wire 12. Who's Gonna Catch You Now 13. Backwater Blues 14. Strut 15. Buttlerfly (Bonus Track) 16. Cryin' Shame 17. Baby The Rain Must Fall (Bonus Track)

Dolly The Seeker We Used To rar

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