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CIMA 2019 Professional Examinations - P1 Management Accounting Exam Practice Kit PDF

CIMA P1 Revision Kit PDF Free Download

If you are preparing for the CIMA P1 Management Accounting exam, you might be looking for a revision kit that can help you ace the test. A revision kit is a collection of exam-style questions and answers that cover the entire syllabus and provide you with feedback and guidance on how to improve your performance. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about CIMA P1 exam and how to download a revision kit PDF for free.

CIMA P1 Exam Syllabus

The CIMA P1 exam is one of the three objective tests at the operational level of the CIMA Professional Qualification. It focuses on four main areas of management accounting: costing, budgeting, short-term decision making, and risk and uncertainty. The exam assesses your ability to apply relevant costing techniques for decision and control purposes, prepare budgets and monitor performance against them, make short-term commercial decisions based on relevant information and analysis, and deal with uncertainty in the short term using appropriate tools and methods. The exam also covers digital issues in costing, such as big data analytics, cloud computing, and automation.

cima p1 revision kit pdf free download

CIMA P1 Exam Format

The CIMA P1 exam is a computer-based assessment that lasts 90 minutes. You have to answer 60 questions that are randomly selected from a large pool of questions. The questions are a mix of multiple choice, multiple response, number entry, drag and drop, and hot spot. You need to score at least 100 out of 150 marks to pass the exam. You will receive your provisional result immediately after finishing the exam and your official result within 48 hours.

CIMA P1 Exam Tips

To pass the CIMA P1 exam, you need to study hard and smart. Here are some tips that can help you succeed:

  • Cover the entire syllabus. You need to be comfortable with all areas of the syllabus, as questions in the objective test exam will cover all syllabus areas. Use the syllabus guide and the exam blueprints to check what topics are examinable and what level of knowledge is required.

  • Practice a lot of questions. It is important to practice as many exam standard questions as you can. This will help you familiarise yourself with the question formats, improve your speed and accuracy, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and boost your confidence. You can use various resources for question practice, such as study texts, revision kits, mock exams, online courses, and forums.

  • Work on exam technique. You need to develop a good exam technique that can help you answer the questions efficiently and effectively. Some aspects of exam technique include reading the question carefully, eliminating wrong answers, using logic and common sense, showing your workings where applicable, checking your answers before submitting them, and skipping difficult questions if you are running out of time.

  • Avoid common mistakes. You need to be aware of some common mistakes that can cost you marks in the exam, such as misreading the question, misunderstanding the terminology, making calculation errors, choosing the wrong answer option, and leaving questions unanswered. You can avoid these mistakes by being careful, reviewing your answers, and using the feedback from your question practice.

CIMA P1 Exam Resources

There are many resources that can help you prepare for the CIMA P1 exam. Some of them are:

cima p1 exam practice kit pdf download

cima p1 management accounting study text pdf free

cima p1 notes and lectures pdf free download

cima p1 mock exam pdf free download

cima p1 past papers and answers pdf free

cima p1 revision kit kaplan pdf free download

cima p1 syllabus 2023 pdf free download

cima p1 exam tips and tricks pdf free

cima p1 flashcards and summary notes pdf free

cima p1 operational level practice questions pdf free

cima p1 cost accounting for decision and control pdf free

cima p1 budgeting and budgetary control pdf free

cima p1 short-term commercial decision making pdf free

cima p1 dealing with uncertainty in the short term pdf free

cima p1 activity based costing pdf free download

cima p1 variance analysis pdf free download

cima p1 linear programming pdf free download

cima p1 relevant costs and decision making pdf free

cima p1 break even analysis pdf free download

cima p1 forecasting techniques pdf free download

cima p1 exam practice questions and answers pdf free

cima p1 exam format and structure pdf free download

cima p1 exam technique and tips pdf free download

cima p1 study plan and timetable pdf free download

cima p1 study guide and resources pdf free download

cima p1 online course and video lectures pdf free

cima p1 online tutor and support pdf free download

cima p1 online forum and community pdf free download

cima p1 case study examples and solutions pdf free

cima p1 key terms and concepts pdf free download

cima p1 formula sheet and calculator guide pdf free

cima p1 learning outcomes and assessment criteria pdf free

cima p1 syllabus changes and updates pdf free download

cima p1 recommended books and publishers pdf free

cima p1 sample exam paper and answer key pdf free

cima p1 marking scheme and feedback report pdf free

cima p1 pass rates and statistics pdf free download

cima p1 success stories and testimonials pdf free download

cima p1 revision tips and strategies pdf free download

cima p1 mind maps and diagrams pdf free download

  • Study guides. These are comprehensive books that cover the entire syllabus and explain the concepts and techniques in detail. They also include examples, exercises, and revision questions. You can use study guides as your main source of learning or as a supplement to your online course.

  • Mock exams. These are simulated exams that mimic the real exam format and difficulty. They are designed to test your knowledge and skills under exam conditions. They also provide you with feedback and solutions to help you improve your performance. You can use mock exams to assess your readiness for the exam and identify areas for improvement.

  • Online courses. These are interactive courses that deliver the syllabus content through videos, quizzes, notes, and other media. They also provide you with tutor support, question practice, mock exams, and study plans. You can use online courses as your main source of learning or as a supplement to your study guides.

  • Forums. These are online platforms where you can interact with other CIMA students and tutors. You can ask questions, share tips, discuss topics, and get advice from experts. You can use forums to enhance your understanding, clear your doubts, and stay motivated.

CIMA P1 Revision Kit PDF

A revision kit is a valuable resource that can help you revise and practice for the CIMA P1 exam. A revision kit usually contains:

  • Exam-style questions and answers. These are questions that are similar to the ones you will face in the real exam. They cover all areas of the syllabus and test your knowledge and application skills. They also include detailed answers that explain the logic and calculations behind each question.

  • Feedback and guidance. These are comments and tips that help you understand how to approach each question, what to look for, what to avoid, and how to score marks. They also include references to the syllabus guide and the study text for further reading.

  • Revision notes. These are concise summaries of the key points and formulas that you need to remember for the exam. They also include diagrams, tables, and charts to illustrate the concepts visually.

How to Download CIMA P1 Revision Kit PDF for Free

If you want to download a CIMA P1 revision kit PDF for free, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to , which is the official website of CIMA.

  • Select "Operational level" from the drop-down menu.

  • Select "P1 Management Accounting" from the list of subjects.

  • Click on "Download PDF" under "Revision Kit".

  • Enter your email address and click on "Submit".

  • Check your email inbox for a link to download the revision kit PDF.

  • Click on the link and save the file on your device.

How to Use CIMA P1 Revision Kit PDF Effectively

To make the most of your CIMA P1 revision kit PDF, you can follow these suggestions:

  • Plan a revision schedule. You need to allocate enough time for revising each topic and practicing questions before the exam. You can use a calendar or a planner to create a realistic and flexible schedule that suits your availability and learning style.

  • Review key topics. You need to refresh your memory of the important concepts and techniques that you have learned from your study guides or online courses. You can use the revision notes from the revision kit or create your own notes based on your preferences.

  • Test yourself. You need to check your understanding and application skills by answering exam-style questions from the revision kit. You can start with easier questions and gradually move on to harder ones. You can also mix up different topics and question types to simulate the real exam scenario.

  • Evaluate your performance. You need to mark your answers using the solutions from the revision kit and compare them with the feedback and guidance provided. You need to identify your strengths and weaknesses, analyse your mistakes, and learn from them.

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