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Archipp Konovalov
Archipp Konovalov

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Also in South Africa, officers from the Stock Theft and Endangered Species Unit arrested an individual smuggling boxes of Conophytums, succulents indigenous to the region, in the latest example of succulent poaching driven by demand particularly from collectors in Korea and China. Poaching has increased during the pandemic, as some plants can sell for thousands of dollars a piece. Poaching of this plant is most prolific in the Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces, which offer dry, arid climates in which succulents grow best. As officials crack down on poaching in these areas, botanists are struggling to deal with what to do with newly confiscated plants, with some facilities receiving about 2,500 plants per week.

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Of course, that encryption algorithm is quite simple and easy to crack, but you can easily add complexity by shifting the assignment of letters and numbers around, adding nonsensical characters, and other things like that. Encryption methods of that sort have been in use for thousands of years.

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